What is the brightest colored thing in the wild?



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    Couldn’t find the most bright, but some of the brightest colored animals in the wild live in the Amazon rainforest. These include several species of frogs such as the poison dart frogs. The frogs are often poisonous and their bright coloring is used to keep predators away. 

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    It’s doubtful that the brightest wildlife can even be determined. Throughout the world are vibrant flowers and brilliantly-shaded birds, fish and amphibians. Bird feathers can range from sunshine yellow to deep red and bright blue, and the peacock is well-known for its blue-green, iridescent hues. Color can play a significant role in mating and evading predators among animals and can attract the necessary pollinators to flowers. The Great Barrier Reef is teeming with brilliant marine life. Tropical fish in particular are often decorated in vivid and unique patterns with the range of colors in a rainbow.

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