What brands for womens clothing and teen clothing use sweatshops?

Here are some stores I’m wondering about-
Lululemon athletica
free people

(those kind of stores)

if you know anything about organic good quality clothing that is sweatshop free please share! 🙂 Thank you



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    For the most part, the question is which clothing companies are not using sweatshops than which ones are. Some large clothing stores have been graded on a scorecard to show which ones have the worst reputations. With smaller stores, it is harder to tell. Of course, the best thing that you can do for the environment in terms of clothing is switch to used clothing and only buy expensive sweatshop-free new clothing on occasion. I’ve made this change in my life, and I can’t say I miss malls at all.


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    Hey there, like happyhodges has said – the question truly is who is not using sweatshop labor. But to help answer you question, Forever 21 is known to use sweatshops. They have sweatshop labor in California and using Mexican immigrant labor in “subpar” working conditions. Furthermore, Forever 21 has been taken to the California Supreme Court regarding these labor conditions – imagine working only $4 an hour, for 10 hours six days out of the week with no air condition or working bathroom. That is terrible!

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      Oh, and check out Ebay’s “World of Good” submarket. They only sell organic clothing with fair trade certifications from third-party organizations such as “Empowerment Now”. Soul Flower is an online website to buy organic clothing from too as well.

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