What is borehole logging?



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    Borehole logging, or borehole geophysical logging, makes it possible to see past the walls and into a boring or a well. By dropping a sensor, or sondes, into a well researchers will be able to measure and record continuous data on several different physical properties over long periods of time. New state-of-the-art technology has enabled borehole logging to be done with acoustic and optical borehole televiwers. These can use digital color video to accurately log information. Common physical properties that can be logged are natural gamma, single-point resistance, spontaneous potential, short and long normal resistivity, electromagnetic induction, fluid conductivity, fluid temperature, seismic velocity, amongst several other factors.

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      codyurb, you need to be more cautious about copyright violation, as with this article. (This comes from my experience with 10,000 of Wikipedia articles.) When you frequently copy sentences from another source without quoting them, that’s a potential copyright violation. It doesn’t make a difference that you changed a few words, or that you provided the source URL. The basis of a copyright violation is that you have taken the substance of something… and taking the entire list of Enviroscan’s logging capability is doing that.

      Internet material is copyrighted, even if it doesn’t say so, except where it is in the public domain, or the owner has specifically given permission to copyright. In the environscan article, it can be seen that they definitely intended to protect their rights, since it’s marked “Copyright 2003”.

      In sum, you need to do more original writing and synthesizing between sources, rather than paraphrasing a single source.

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      Oh, and P.S. I see that you left out a couple items from Enviroscan’s list. That really doesn’t change the fact that this is too close to a copyright violation. The idea is not to be anywhere near a copyright violation, because wherever there’s grounds for a disagreement, there’s grounds for a lawsuit. The idea is that we don’t want GreenAnswers to be accused of doing anything illegal.

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