What is the book world of giving about?



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    World of Giving explores acts of generosity and the giving of time, money, materials and effort to help others. Some philosophers beleive that greed and self-interest motivate people’s actions, and others feel that people are naturally altruistic. Jeffrey Inaba writes about every side of giving. He encourages people to sped more time volunteering and donating than seeking personal wealth.

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    The book ex-pores the financial infrastructure and the resultant networks of social capital that arise in global philanthropy. It explains why we give and help others. The novel gives examples of individuals, foundations, governments, multinationals and NGOs and their reasoning behind their philanthropic efforts. They show that the gift of giving alters in meaning and value in some cases, and it takes about how it transforms as it circulates through a series of transactions. It presents a mindset based on generosity and revolves around the gesture of giving. It describes giving as a powerful act that gains social momentum, benefiting all types of people.

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