What is the book called “Just Food” about?



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    “Just Food” provides an argument against both “agrarian romantics” and argiri-business. In the book, James McWilliams argues for the increased use of genetically modified food as well as for the reduction of our consumption of animal derived protein.

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    “Just Food: How Locavores Are Endangering the Future of Food and How WE Can Truly Eat Responsibly” is a detailed descriptive argument about where food comes from and where it should come from instead. “Just Food” is James E. McWilliams’ third book. His other titles include “American Pests: Our Futile Attempt to Conquer the Insect Empire from Colonial Times to the Death of DDT” and “A Revolution in Eating: How the Quest for Food Shaped America.” He has also been published in the “New York Times” and the “Christian Science Monitor.” Currently he is a fellow in Yale University’s Agrarian Studies Program.

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