What is bone marrow made of?



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    Bone marrow is made of red tissue and yellow tissue. The red tissue, also known as myeloid, helps in production of red blood cells. The yellow tissue is made up mostly of fat, is generally found in the core of the longer bones of people in increasing frequency as they grow older, and can convert back to red tissue if there is a need for increased red blood cell production.

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    Bone marrow is composed of spongy, fatty tissue that contains stem cells. The stem cells can turn themselves into white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets when necessary, in order to protect against disease and help with circulation. The young stem cells wait in the tissue with extra iron until cells throughout the body need to be replaced. A stem cell is undifferentiated until it can distinguish what the body needs, and turn into that respective blood cell or platelet. Bone marrow is located in the major, big bones in the body, but not all bones.

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