What is a bokashi bucket?



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    It’s a plastic tub, similar to a compost bin. Compost bins allow the food waste to decay naturally, without assistance. Bokashi Buckets, on the other hand, use microbes to assist the process and the compost waste is fermented into a semi-liquid form.

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    The Bokashi Bucket inoculates food waste with a dried material (EM-1 Bokashi) in an airtight bucket. The EM-1 Bokashi will ferment food waste, prevents it from rotting, which will eliminating odor (which attracts flies). The food waste becomes pickled and can either be added to a compost pile, buried in an existing garden bed, or fed to worms. These buckets range from $40-80 and there are many websites out there with DIY tips.

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    It is very much like a compost bin, but in a sealed tight bucket. You can put everything you put in a compost bin into a bokashi bucket plus meat a dairy and you won’t have any flies. It makes compost like a compost bin, but it doesn’t have the odor that some compost bins get after a while, and you can put meat and dairy into the bucket!

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