what boils faster fresh water or salt water



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    fresh water boils faster.  Adding salt increases the boiling temperatures so it can cook things like noodles and rice a little faster.  I use his trick all the time because I hate waiting for things to boil. 

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    Adding any type of solvent with a lower vapor pressure than the substance its being dissolved in (such as adding salt to water) will cause the boiling point of the liquid (the temperature at which the liquid will begin to boil) to increase.  This would mean you would have to boil it longer at the same temperature compared to the pure form of the liquid (just water).  Adding salt to water also lowers it’s freezing point, which is one of the reasons roads are “salted” in areas where weather creates icy road conditions (because it helps to keep the roads from freezing over initially).  The addition of salt to boiling water for cooking is mainly for flavor purposes, as well as to achieve a more “even” boil (smaller, more regular bubbles).  

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    Wrong, Salt water boils faster.

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