What is the Blue Water Satellite?



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    The Blue Water Satellite using satellite imaging technology to detect the presence, location, and concentration of cyanobacteria blooms in the world’s bodies of water. Cyanobacteria, which is also known as ‘blue-green’ algae, gets into the world’s water supply and produces toxins which are detrimental to human health. By detecting cyanobacteria, chemical treatment costs of water are lowered and damage to the body of water is reduced.

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    Blue Water Satellite is a company specializing in the detection of Cyanobacteria concentrations and locationsin water supplies using satellite imaging technology. This technology allows the company to sample large areas much more easily than traditional methods. More information can be fournd at their website, which is below.

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    Blue Water Satellite is a group whose mission is to use satellite and environmental data analysis to detect the presence of cyanobacteria (commonly known as blue-green algae, though it is not an algae) and the elements that are it’s food source, in water bodies all across the world. Cyanobacteria can be toxic to humans (and pets) at high enough levels and happens to exhibit a pigment that is traceable via satellites. The innovative tracking methods are a big improvement over old ones (mainly, boats that go out and collect samples and send them to a lab) both in cost and efficiency.

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    Just to add on…

    The effectiveness of this efficient and accurate water testing method is great news for monitoring water health.  The accuracy of the BWS ensures that sampling in larger bodies of water does not lead to erroneous conclusions based on too few data collections.  It can also sample watersheds where ground sampling is not possible, and detect the Cyanobacteria early enough in its bloom cycle to avert excessive chemical usage to eliminate the toxin. 

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