What is blogher?



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    BlogHer is a website that acts as a community for female bloggers to connect with one another, gain exposure, and pool resources to attract advertising dollars.

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    BlogHer is an online community targeted towards women who blog to share ideas and issues. It currently has over 38,000 members with over 18,000 blogs. BlogHer holds conferences annually to discuss topics such as business and food and to increase awareness of member causes.

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    BlogHer is a social website that currently boasts the largest number of women bloggers, and a large readership as well; they receive over 20 million visitors per month. They offer a space for women to speak their minds on an infinite variety of topics. This space is also for readers to gain information as well as news on current trends in women’s social media. The creators strive to create a strong community by bringing writers and readers together, and to create opportunity for all female bloggers. They host conferences and a publishing network in addition to BlogHer.com.

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