What blender should I get?

Hi girls!

A few years ago I purchased a blender/food processor combo at Sam’s Club. Its actually the same one I’ve seen in one of the PPK episodes.

After much sputtering and protesting, it finally died yesterday.

I’ve been checking some online reviews

So, now I am wondering if it’s Cuisinart PowerEdge really worth its money or shall I look for something else.

What do you say it’s currently best buy when it comes to blenders?

Please advise me.. me and my family can’t imagine kitchen without blender 🙂

Ps: I am not willing to spend over $250



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    Well, this being an environmental website, I’m going to recommend and environmentally friendly blender – the Vortex blender by GSI. It’s hand-powered, so you can take it anywhere!

    Other than that, for something long-lasting, I’m not a huge fan of Cuisinart – it could be my imagination, but I feel like other brands like Oster are just higher quality. Speaking of which, Oster’s Classic Beehive blender (est $70) is among the highest rated and best-loved blenders out there. I think you already know to go for glass over hard plastic.

    I’d also consider a vintage blender, or vintage style. They tend to be sturdier and heavier, and longer-lasting if you invest in quality (which you can get for well under $250). The Bosch Universal Plus blender is also pretty hardcore without costing too much.

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    If you can get a refurbished Vitamix or a Blendtech in your price range, those are both good.  We have a Vitamix and a vegan friend of ours has a Blendtech, and the Blendtech is just as good as our machine.

    That said, I’m also a fan of the stick blender.  It’s great to pop into a pot of soup or sauce to blend it so it’s nice and smooth.

    When I was shopping around, the Breville blenders also seemed like good choices.

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