What is the Blaire mountain?



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    Blaire mountain is part an amazing story of American history.  In the 1920s coal workers were marching against the coal companies in support of workers rights, better wages, better treatment.  These protesters were marching throughout West Virginia and Virginia.  They had actually been bombed by aircraft payed by the coal industry along the way.  Woody Guthrie also wrote a song about one of the nights along the march.  He had awoke to coal company cronies lighting the marcher’s tents on fire.  This was followed by indiscriminate shooting from a gatling gun.  The movie, “Matewan” also details the, “mine wars” and the massacre of civilians by coal company cronies in the town of Matewan, West Virginia.  This was all part of the march that would come to a head at Blair Mountain in 1921.  It would be the largest insurrection in the United States since the Civil War.  It was at Blaire Mountain where coal miners, called “red necks” because of their red bandanas, faced off with their own shotguns and hunting rifles against the machine guns of the mine company mercenaries.  Armed Blaire Mountain Marchers: Photo credit, West Virginia State ArchivesArmed Blaire Mountain Marchers: Photo credit, West Virginia State Archives 

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    The Battle of Blair Mountain was one or the largest civil uprisings in United States history.  It was also the largest armed insurrection since the American Civil War.  The battle actually ended after exactly one million rounds were fired and a presidential order forced the United States Army to intervene.

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