What is the black powdery substance between the inner and outer walls of a thermos bottle?

I collect and recycle scrap metal such as brass,copper, aluminum and stainless steel. I am in the process of taking apart a thermos bottle witch has a steel outer wall and a stainless steel inner wall. I cannot recycle either material if they are not separated. .While cutting them apart a black powder like substance began spilling out, there is quite a lot of it, and Im not sure if this is a harmfull material or not and I need to know so that I can disopse of it properly.



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    er. The handles on at least 654 of these these Stanley stainless steel thermos bottles broke off, releasing the “organic, non-toxic charcoal powder insulation into the air” causing consumers to “suffer short-term vision problems and temporary breathing problems when they inhaled the powder”. In some cases, consumers began vomiting. There were 446 reports of property damage and 60 reports of this incident occurring in trucks or cars — creating, according to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, “the potential for impaired vision” while driving. These bottles were made in China and Korea by Pacific Marketing International (PMI) of Seattle, Washington

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