What is black lung and why is it dangerous?



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    Black lung is a term for a form of lung disease that is developed from the act of inhaling coal dust or particulates. These particulates cause the lung to turn black rather than the normal (healthy) color – pink. This is dangerous because it increases the risk for emphysema, bronchitis & chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

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    Black lung is the nickname for lung disease like pneumoconiosis caused by the inhalation of coal dust.  The name is fitting because often the inside of the lung looks black as opposed to the natural pink.  It is relatively common for workers in coal mines or in the coal industry who spend a lot of the day breathing in the dust from coal.  Black lung is dangerous because as the coal dust builds up in your lungs, it forms a coal macule which is a combination of coal dust and macrophages which are bacteria.  This can cause emphysema and cause a lot of trouble breathing which could eventually lead to death if the problem gets bad enough.

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    Black lung, also known as pneumoconiosis, is a disease that stems from the inhalation of coal dust. Mine workers typically contract this condition after prolonged exposure to mine dust. At first, it may only produce mild symptoms, such as a greater amount of mucus and a cough. When the dust accumulates in the lungs, it makes people more vulnerable to other diseases, such as emphysema and bronchitis. The dust can form balls that obstruct the lungs so much that they stop air from flowing.

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    Here is picture of black lungs that I found online. It should really compel people to address their health in earlier stages to prevent such extremities.


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