What birds live the longest?



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    The birds that live the longest in the wild may be albatrosses. Albatrosses have a life span of around 60 years.  The oldest known wild bird is a Laysan Albatross named Wisdom who is over 60 and lives in a Wildlife refuge in Hawaii.  (I assume it was born within the refuge and that’s how they know how old it is, but I’m not sure.)

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    They know how old Wisdom is because they have a very successful banding program run by the Fish and Wildlife Service and they keep track of the birds every year. It was likely banded when it hatched 60 years ago. (Luckily it survived the tsunami that spread from the earthquake in Japan).

    The longest living birds are actually parrots, macaws and cockatoos…they can live up to 75-100 years. 

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