What birds have the wildest mating rituals?



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    Birds-of-Paradise are known for their elaborate mating rituals.  The BBC documentary entitled Planet Earth filmed some of these Birds-of-Paradise as shown below:

    Hope this helps!

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    This response is really just a matter of opinion, but I watched Disney’s Earth on Blu-Ray and was absolutely amazed by the beautiful birds that live deep in South America’s Amazon. The male birds have myriad ways to impress the ladies, and they aren’t shy about it. Not only do they make some amazing sounds, they have brilliant colors and adornments with no other purpose than to secure a mate. You should check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

    Otherwise, check out the link to the National Geographic article below to find out more about some exotic and beautiful birds at their sexiest.

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    The Bower bird has a really cool mating ritual—it builds a bower and intricately decorates it with flowers, berries, bugs, and twigs—its really beautiful and unusual! Check out the ever amazing David Attenborough in the video below; it has some great footage.


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