What is biomimicry?



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    Biomimicry is the the study of patterns and strategies in nature and using these strategies to create new ways of living. Examples of biomimicry are the invention of velcro and the swimsuits worn by Olympic athletes. Both inventions were influenced by processes in nature- velcro was inspired by burrs, and the swimsuits were inspired by sharkskin.

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    A famous example of biomimicry is from over a hundred years ago, although the term itself I don’t think was used yet. The Wright Brothers, the first inventors of the most successful airplanes, looked at bird wing structure to design the wings of the airplane. Their eventual design did involved not flapping, but careful and detailed wing shape and tilts during flight to best utilize air currents.

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    Another  biomimicry project underway is the search to make an adhesive based on the gecko’s ability to climb up walls! It uses a really unusual force to do this, and isn’t even sticky!

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