What is a biome?



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    A ‘biome’ is a term used in biological sciences to describe areas based on similar climatic conditions like microorganisms, plants and animals. Biomes are most closely studies in terms of ecological successions and plant life rather than historical similes. Examples of biomes include; the tundra, grasslands, wetlands, sub-tropical rain forests, tropical rain forests, broad leafed tree forests, etc. Their focus is defining an area based on the plant life supporting the ecosystem.

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    A biome is is a community of organisms and plant-life.  The six major biomes are:  freshwater, marine, tundra, grassland, desert, and forest.  There are more biomes within these six major ones.  The word “biome” can be used interchangably with “ecosystem”.  They are classified based on their geographic and climatic conditions. 

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