What is biological warfare?



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    Biological warfare is any usage of a biological weapon (like a bacteria, virus, toxin, or fungi) for the purpose of injuring or killing another person. This differs from chemical warfare in that biological warfare is derived from living (or no longer living) organisms. Today an example would be anthrax, or smallpox in weaponized form. 

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    Biological warfare is a scary thought, because it can be silent and unannounced, often times it can’t be traced very well to its source, and it can kill off a population without anyone firing a shot, so to speak. As stated above, it is when someone has perfected a deadly disease by altering it and tweaking it in a lab to be as lethal as possible. It can then be delivered to a population by many means, and begin killing a population without much effort. Engineered viruses and diseases, when used in a biological warfare situation, can effectively rid a location of it population with little to no damage to the location itself, and is a greatly feared by all nations. If it were actually meant as an attack by an enemy of Europe in the Middle Ages, the Black Death Plague would have been considered biological warfare.

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