What is biological research?



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    The term biological research can be used to describe many different fields.  Botany, anatomy, primatology, and ecology are all different forms of biological research.  If biology is the study of life, biological research would be an in depth examination of life in a myriad of ways.  Consider what focus in biology is being researched, and then think about what aspects would be researched in that focus. 

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    As mentioned by sap819, biological research can cover an incredible breadth of topics. Professional biologists typically specialize in a few subjects. Some examples of what they might study through biological research are listed below.

    *Ecosystem degradation

    *Pathogenic bacteria

    *Plasma membrane repair

    *Bird behavior

    *Stem cells

    *Lymphocite metabolism

    *Neuroendocrine function

    *Plant geometry

    *Tropical botany

    *Genetics of evolution

    *Protein secretion systems

    *Extra chromosomes

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