What is biodynamic gardening?



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    Biodynamic farming is an organic farming method. It considers farms unified “organisms”, and seeks to balance soil, plants, and animals as a self-nourishing system without any external input. Thus, biodynamic farming, or gardening in this case, avoids artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The approach emphasizes sustainability and cooperation with nature, according to ecological principles.

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    In 1924 the founder of the Waldorf school Dr. Rudolf Steiner held a lecture series on agriculture, noting that factory farming was reducing the fertility, health, and vitality of animals, crops, and seeds.  Four years later Demeter International formed in Europe and develop standards based on his philosophy of farms as self-sustaining, and biodiverse.  To date they are the only certifier of biodynamic farms, performing yearly inspections on the participating farms in 45 countries around the globe.

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    It’s all in the name: a dynamic biosphere concentrated on gardening. Diversity of plant and other life, living together in an integrated, self-sustaining environment, is the ideal; monocropping with man-made imputs and poisons (pesticides, herbicides, etc.) that limit diversity is the antithesis.

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