What is a Biochair?



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    There are several brands of chair with the word “bio,” mostly with some futuristic, ergonomic, back-supporting aspect to the design. One product called BIOCHAIR, made by Anea, focuses of customization for different users and different situations: for example, it comes with or without arms and can lean back into a more relaxed position. It conforms anatomically to the human body, is lightweight, and stacks easily. There’s another known as the Bio Plus Chair, designed by Michael Strom and Lasse Svensbon. It’s specialty is a very unusual design and an eco-friendly manufacture: it’s made from a bio-derived plastic made from annually-growing plants, the designers consider it carbon-neutral, and it is biodegradable.

    The term “Bio Chair” may also just refer to a person who is the chairman of a company or department dealing with biology/biotechnology. For example, Martin Chalfie, Chair of the Biological Sciences Department at Columbia University, is described this way at the second link below.

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