what is bioaccumulation and who are affected by this process



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    Bioaccumulation is a term used to describe concentrated substance that has been collected over a period of time in an organism. The bioaccumulative substance is usually a fat soluble and cannot be broken down by the organism. The substance is passed from one organism to another through the food chain. Some examples of these contaminants are mercury, arsenic, PCBs and there are many more. These toxins move along in the food chain and affect the ecosystem, the earth and every single organism on it.  Although, these substances do not always contaminate in a lethal amount, over time the amount of contamination  accumulatied poisons the organisms and the earth itself.  To learn more about  bioaccumulation please take the time to look at this website.


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    Bioacccumulation most heavily affects organisms at the top of the food chain, because as elizatran48 mentions, these substances “accumulate” when one organism eats another. This means that carnivorous fish like tuna or carnivorous sea mammals like dolphins will be more impacted by bioaccumulation than the smaller fish that they feed on. And, ultimately, those of us on land who eat a lot of seafood will also be affected.

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