What is a bio pathway?



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    Not sure exactly, but I was able to research it and find these results:

    Understanding the functioning of complex biological systems is a ma jor challenge. To address this challenge, quantitative mathematical models are needed to capture the dynamics of various intra (and inter)-cellular processes. Here we focus on signaling pathways which constitute the building blocks of many of the intra- cellular processes that govern the behavior of cells.[…] Bio-pathways usually involve a large number of molecular species and bio-chemical reactions.”

    So I take this to mean:

    A bio-pathway is a mathematical model of the stuff that goes on inside a living organism. In a more abstract sense a bio-pathway is the actual process that goes on inside a cell. For example, the krebs cycle, that yields energy from glucose…Scientists are now at the point where they are very accurate about what exactly (in terms of numbers of molecules and rates of reactions) is going on in a biological process. A bio-pathway is an assessment of the real life occurrence, which I guess they are now able to measure with nano-technology or powerful microscopes or modeling??? Hope that helps… see links for more:

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