What is the Bio Inspired Ice Vehicle?



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    The Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle is a bioethanol-powered vehicle designed for transarctic travel.  The vehicle was designed by Keiron Bradley, a Design Engineer for Lotus Engineering, for use on the Moon-Reagan Transarctic Expedition in November and December of 2010.  The 1500 lb BIV, equipped with a 115 hp engine, can travel up to 84 mph on three skis, and can hold one passenger.  The BIV travelled 3,600 miles across Antarctica, accompanied by two six-wheel-drive support vehicles.

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    Only two land based expeditions across Antarctica have every been achieved. A third expedition, the Moon Regan Transarctic Expedition, plans to attempt it by using three vehicles, one of which is the Winston Wong Bio-Inspired Ice Vehicle. It is essentially the “route-finder” for the other two vehicles which will be carrying members of the team as well as acting as mobile laboratories. It is bio-fueled and adapts to any and all harsh conditions of the arctic. 

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