What is the bio-dome sewage treatment device?



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    The bio-dome sewage treatment device, also referred to as “poo-gloos” because of their igloo-like shapes, are new wastewater treatment devices. These new bio-dome sewage treatment devices were created by Wastewater Compliance Systems, Inc. Poo-gloos clean polluted waste water through a combination of air, a dark environment, and a large surface area which supports the growth of bacterial biofilm that eats away at the pollutants.


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    Bio-Domes, affordable and sustainable igloo shaped devices, are designed to effectively treat and clean up sewage. Tubes, which are located within the device, pump air bubbles to circulate the sewage and keep bacteria alive – essential for breaking down nitrogen compounds, ammonia, and carbon-based materials. The device is said to be just as effective as a multi-million dollar wastewater treatment plant, and Bio-Domes are much cheaper as well.

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