What is Bill Clinton’s vision for the American economy?



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      Bill Clinton wants a national economic strategy as well as a human-development strategy that recognizes that what people earn depends largely on what they can learn and whether their economies are organized for change. Three central ideas in his economic policy were:
    1. Emphasize education and training, not just of our children but also of our adults.
    2. Give new incentives to the private sector to invest in the economy.
    3. Think a lot about organizing to make change a friend instead of an enemy.

    The Clinton Global Initiative also does a lot of work to affect positive change.

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    Clinton’s really into reducing unemployment by getting a green economy going. He wants people to be trained to
    to fill jobs connected to alternative energy and environmental design. He talked about
    this with Jon Stewart in an interview on the Daily Show on September 16, 2010
    and was recently on the show again, still talking about the U.S.’s need to become
    world leaders in clean energy. I haven’t seen the interview he gave earlier this month, because
    my internet connection’s too slow, but I’ll put the link down below along with the link
    to the interview from 2010.

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