What is the biggest zoo in the world?



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    As “touropia” (not usually my primary source) points out, it really depends on what you count as a “zoo”. Red McCombs Wildlife in Texas has 12,000 acres, but it only has 20 species, so it’s more on the order of a wildlife preserve.

    “touropia” applied some intelligence to this question and decided that of those that are the best zoos, in terms of physically covering the largest ground, the Toronto Zoo is the largest. 710 acres. (That’s over a square mile!) 16,000 animals, 491 species. Wow! Pack a lunch!

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    The Henry Doorly Zoo of Nebraska is the largest zoo in the world

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    The world’s largest zoo, in terms of numbers of different species in captivity, is the Toronto Zoo. The 287-ha (710-acre) site currently houses 16,000 animals from 491 different species, ranging from bears to penguins, and receives on average 2.6 million visitors each year.
    Sources: Guiness World Records

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      This is not a site for you to add links to commercial dog and rabbit hutches that do not pertain to the question that was asked. Nor is it the place to duplicate a (non-commercial) answer that I already gave. You have been reported for abuse.

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