What is the biggest world disaster when we talk about the environment?



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    It is hard to say that one is the ultimate worst, however, others have certainly agreed that some of the worst/largest world environmental disasters include:

    • Chernobyl: the nuclear explosions sent large quantities of radiation into the earth’s atmosphere
    • Gulf oil spill: the massive amount of oil in the ocean for hundreds of miles, impacting ocean life and habitat, as well as humans
    • Bhopal gas leak
    • Minamata mercury incident in Japan


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    “Biggest” is a difficult word – it would be useful to ask the question more specifically. There are several ways one could answer the question.

    most deaths?

    covering the widest area?

    most expensive?

    most long-lasting impact?

    In historic times or over the geologic history of the earth?

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      Hi rigibson, I see your point. When I asked this question it was when the gulf oil spill was on my mind and I was wondering what other giant environmental disasters have had a bigger effect on the natural environment. Specifically, I was wondering if there is any single human caused disaster that is widely considered to be the most destructive and on the planet’s natural world.

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      The intentionally set oil field fires in Kuwait in 1991 arguably damaged much more natural environment than the 2010 BP blowout. While it is much vaguer, I would think that many people might point to human-caused climate changes as the single (broadly speaking) human-caused thing that causes destruction. Another somewhat more specific, but still broad possibility could be the cutting of rainforests. Even the phrase “most destructive” is subjective – should we go back in time and count the (possible; the idea is controversial) human-caused extinction of the Pleistocene megafauna (mammoths etc.)?

      Having said all that, for a specific, I might still vote for the Kuwait oil fires. But there could well be good other candidates.

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