what is the biggest wind farm in California?



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    The earliest and biggest US wind farm is the Altamont Pass Wind Farm, located in the Altamont Pass of the Diablo Range in Central California. It has the biggest capacity with 4900 relatively small wind turbines, generating 1.1 TWh of electicity. 

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    In the summer of 2010, wind power manufacturer Terra-Green Power received 1.2 billion dollars to help bring more wind power to Kern County, California.  The Alta Wind Energy Center, will gain a 570 megawatt increase, helping it become a 3,000 megawatt farm–also securing the title of largest wind farm in the United States. 

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    Listed as one of the 9 World’s Most Amazing Wind Farms by webecoist.com, the Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm in Southern California could be deemed one of the largest.  5,000 wind turbines, owned by a dozen wind companies, cover almost every foot of ridgeline of the mountain pass between the Mojave Desert and California’s central valley.  This wind farm has been a central location for wind experimentation and energy testing because of its constant wind flow through the valley.

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