What is the biggest energy waster in our home?



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    I’m not sure if it is the biggest waster, but the dryer consumes a tremendous amount of energy (I am talking about the average dryer in a home, not a modern energy efficient unit). Also consider that clothes will dry naturally if they are just hung out on a dry-line. So any use of a dryer is, in a way, a waste of energy (the same goes for electric toothbrushes, razors, can openers, pencil sharpeners, and a million other products that use electricity when it is not actually necessary — unfortunately, these items are sometimes very useful and are therefore very popular — we need to evaluate what is necessary vs. what we can do without… The refrigerator is definitely another big energy waster —- especially if it’s cold outside, and we could potentially use that chilled air instead of having to waste energy with a compressor/ motor cooling system. Interesting huh? Anyone want to help me on the patent?


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