What is the biggest Volcano in America?



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    The largest volcano in the United States, which is also the largest volcano in the world, is the Manua Lao in Hawaii, with a volume of almost 18,000 cubic miles and a height of over 13,000 feet.  Manua Lao is considered an active volcano and last erupted in 1984.  The crater at the top of the volcano (or caldera) is named moku aweoweo, after a red, big-eyed hawaiian fish, because the color of the fish resembles that of the flames.

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    Mauna Loa is the biggest volcano in the world. The shield volcano is located on the big island of Hawaii and stands more than 56,000 feet tall. Mauna Loa also has the record for being the tallest mountain on earth when measurements are taken from the sea floor. It is still considered an active volcano, with the last eruption occurring in 1984. According to Volcano Discovery, the volcano has been showing signs of a reawakening in the past 6 years, meaning activity may happen soon.

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