What is the biggest tribe that lives in the rainforest?



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    Supposedly the largest tribe, the Yanomami tribe, is found in the Amazon rainforest, among the hills between Brazil and Venezuela. Their number is unknown but they live in several villages that have a population up to 400. They have their own language and religion. 

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         I can’t tell which rainforest you mean, but the largest tribe in the world’s largest rainforest is the Yanomani of the Amazon. The Yanomani live on 17.8 million hectares in Brazil and Venezuela,the largest forested indigenous territory in the world. Their total population is about 32,000. 

         Until the 1940s, the Yanomani had little contact with the outside world. Today, their way of life is threatened by mining, ranching, and a lack of access to healthcare. The Brazilian congress is currently debating a bill which, is passed, will permit large-scale mining in indigenous territories. It’s passing would be extremely harmful to the Yanomani. 


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