What is the biggest threat to the Florida Everglades?



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    The Florida Everglades is one of the most threatened parks in the UnitesStates. Developing agriculture and industry are major threats to the Everglades, having ravaged more than half of it. Large farms to serve the growing population surrounding the Everglades are among these threats. Additionally, the introduction of foreign species can threaten this ecosystem. This kills off species specific to the Everglades, and puts the area itself in danger, as it is not designed to inhabit these foreign species.

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    There are also threats of invasive species upon the Florida everglades. One tree for example is the melaleuca tree because they take in water in greater amounts than other trees. The grow much taller and more densely in the everglades, making them unsuitable as nesting areas for birds with wide wingspans. They also choke out native vegetation and over 2 million dollars have been spent in order to keep them out of the Everglades National Park. Another invasive species is the Brazilian pepper because they tend to spread rapidly and crowd out native species of plants as well as create inhospitable environments for native animals. 

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