What is the biggest thing in the ocean?



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    If you’re looking for a living thing, the biggest animal on land or in the sea is the blue whale, at 32.9 meters in length and 172 metric tons. There are species of seaweed that are arguably bigger; one giant kelp can grow up to 80 meters in height.

    As for landforms, the largest mountain range in the world occurs underwater in the Atlantic, called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The largest, deepest trench is the Mariana Trench, in the Pacific just east of Guam. And the largest mountain in the world begins underwater, though the peak reaches above the surface: Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

    And certainly among the largest things in the ocean is the Great Pacific Garbage patch. Formed because of the Pacific Gyre, a current that keeps the trash from drifting, this is a collection of garbage nearly twice the size of the continental US. Located between California and Hawaii, this mass of trash is an accumulation of things dumped in the ocean, but mostly of trash that originated on land and found it’s way to the sea. The currents bring it there, and the more we litter, the bigger it gets.

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