What is the biggest species of crab that we eat?



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    The Japanese spider crab has the longest leg span in the world at 3.8 meters. That is 12 ft and 6 inches! Japanese spider crabs hold other records as well, such as the oldest crab in the world. However, just because it is the biggest does not mean that it is eaten most around the world. The crab that we eat the most is the Japanese blue crab.

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    The largest species of water crab is the Japanese Spider Crab, whose leg span can grow up to 4 meters (about 13 feet). As you can infer from their name, they live around the island nation of Japan. They are hunted for their meat but also for scientific research and/or ornamental purposes.

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    On land, however, the largest crab would be the Coconut Crab. They can weigh up to 30 pounds grow to lengths of 6 feet. Though it can defend itself against wild predators, it has been hunted to extinction by humans in some regions because of its reputation as a delicacy and an aphrodisiac.


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