What is the biggest source of global pollution?



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    The biggest source of global pollution would mostly likely be fossil fuel emissions. Fossil fuels are used in so many aspects of human life; we use it in agriculture, industrial production, and most of all cars. Why fossil fuel emissions are so significant is that almost every single person on the planet is guilty of it. We have become so dependent on driving, we cannot imagine our life without fossil fuels.

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    The largest source is carbon emissions.  It has the most devastating effects on the world.  Global temperatures are rising due to the huge spike in CO2, and both habitats and animals are suffering the consequences of a warmer climate.  The ozone layer has immense holes and ice caps are melting at an alarmingly fast pace.  The world as a whole needs to drastically cut back on emissions if we have any hope of making a difference.

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    Various industries contribute to different types of pollutants.  The main pollutants contributing to global climate change are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and methane. Sulphur dioxide is mainly emitted during the combustion of fossil fuels such as crude oil and coal.  Carbon monoxide is causde by an incomplete combustion of fuels such as leaving a car running in a garage.  Carbon dioxide is mainly produced as a byproduct of breathing creatures.  Nitrogen oxides and methane are contributed mainly by the agricultural industry.
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