What is the biggest snow storm in American History?



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    One of the biggest snow storms in America happenned in 2009. Coined the “North American Blizzard of 2009”, it brought record snow fall and rain to various cities in the US. It caused multiple flights and trains to be cancelled, cut out power to various regions,caused a handful of states to declare a state of emergency, and even deaths were reported.

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         Possibly the largest snowstorm in US history is the Blizzard of 1888, also known as the “Great While Hurricane”. NOAA calls it, “the blizzard by which all others are measured”. Between March 11 and March 14, up to 50 inches of snow fell on the East Coast from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine. Drifts up to 40 feet high buried houses and trains. Boston, New York, Philadelphia and other major cities were virtually shut down. In many places coal deliveries stopped and people were unable to heat their homes. At least 400 hundred people died. 

    New Britain, Connecticut, March 13, 1888. 





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