What is the biggest role that we can play in changing global warming?



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    I think there are a few important things everyday people can do to try to change global warming. The biggest role is probably in trying to transform our usual habits to be more sustainable. It’s important to try to reduce our individual footprints, using public transit, biking, and walking more, and it’s also important to try to support companies with environmentally-responsible policies when we have the chance. I’d also suggest participating in grassroots activism where possible, trying to influence your congressional and state representatives to vote for green bills. These are things that can only be effective when large numbers of people are doing them, so it’s also important to try to help people realize their actions matter (without alienating them by seeming too preachy, of course). So there’s a variety of different roles we can play, and I think they’re all equally important.

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    I second everything that wonderflan said above. We have been victimized for far too long by a lot of the big businesses that are the chief contributors to climate change but we are much to blame for not being responsible. I think one of the great shifts we will need to have in order to combat global warming before it’s too late is to clean up the media. We need to support objective, investigative journalism because the news sources that educate us day-to-day are satisfying their own profit motive and agenda. Though newspapers are dying, quality journalism is necessary and can’t be replaced completely by bloggers who aggregate information that someone else reported on. We need to fix the way we educate and gain information, so people can know the truth about what’s going on and do something about it.

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