What is the biggest river in Asia?



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    The largest river in Asia is the Chang Jiang more commonly known as the Yangtze, whic literally means “the long river”. It is approximately 3,915 miles long or about 6,300 km. The Yangtze  river is also the 3rd largest river in the world. In addition, Asia also has 8 of the twenty longest rivers.

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    The Yangtze river is the largest and runs 3,964 miles. It is the third largest in the world. 

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    The world’s longest river is the Nile. At 6650 kilometres long, it’s no doubt the longest river in the world

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    “Biggest” is not the best word to describe a river. While the Yangtze is the longest, the Brahmaputra river system carries the greatest discharge (volume of water) in Asia.

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