What is the biggest redwood we have ever seen in California?



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    The largest trees in the world are Giant Sequioa Redwoods located in northern California along the Avenue of the Giants. There are multiple trees large enough to drive through, but the single tree thought to be the largest is the Mendocino Tree, a coast redwood growing in Montgomery Woods State Reserve near Ukiah, CA. The tree is the tallest known in the world and stands at 367 feet 6 inches, or five stories higher than the Statue of Liberty.

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    If your question is inclusive relatively recent history, and not just what is standing, then two trees can answer your question. The 90,000 cubic foot Lindsey Creek Tree, and the 70,000 cubic foot Crannell Creek Giant. Both were coast redwoods. The Crannell Creek Giant log volume is preserved in a document in the Blue Lake Museum in California, as well as a photograph. There is a bit more online about these trees if you search.

    For comparison, the largest known tree standing today, is a Giant Sequoia called General Sherman, at 52,000 cubic feet. Roughly half the volume of the Lindsey Creek Tree.

    To see the photo and documents, you would need to visit the museum – info link provided.



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