What is the biggest reason that Koala’s might go extinct?



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    Koalas face lots of threats, and most of them are human caused. Human threats include habitat destruction, vehicle collisions, and fences that impede their movement to and from food areas. Huge wildfires that have hit Australia in recent years may also be caused in part by deforestation and human-caused climate change. Habitat destruction is considered their greatest threat.

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    Serenity’s answer could not be more correct. When we speak of the extinction of animals, what immediately comes to mind is the idea of over-hunting. But the truth is, habitat destruction is considered the greatest threat to most animals such as the koala. People may not be harming these koalas directly but their other activities may end up harming them indirectly.

    According to the Australian Koala Foundation, “loss of koala habitat and koala food trees (eucalyptus leaves) is the leading koala threat.” Urbanization and pollution are two great contributing factors in this issue. When people cut down trees, they don’t realize how much damage they’re doing to the animal population in that area who treat those trees as their homes. On the other hand, “pollution, especially from carbon dioxide, is poisoning eucalyptus trees and killing the koalas of Australia in large numbers.” The way people work to hasten the global warming process not only affects humans in general, but animals as well.

    Read more: http://endangered-species.suite101.com/article.cfm/extinctions_and_the_disappearing_koalas#ixzz0SJLtynVT

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    Loss of habitat seems to be the biggest reason. Since Europeans first came to Australia, over 80% of the Eucalyptus forests have been destroyed, and the remaining lacks protection. The forests have been destroyed because of land clearing purposes, bushfires which are capable of wiping out an entire habitat, and dieback. Additionally, non-native predators have hurt koala populations, as well as effects from drought and disease caused by the chlamydia organism and cancers.

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