What is the biggest problem that renewable energy supporters face?



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    The biggest problem that renewable energy supporters face is the massive fossil fuel lobby in government trying to prevent the growth of sustainable energy sources due to the fate of their industries. These companies lobby government agencies to promote political, environmental, social and economic policies that favor their industries, often shoving the concerns of renewable energy supporters under the rug. Until government begins to put the public good before the interest of lobbyists, renewable energy advocates will be fighting an uphill battle.

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    The entrenched energy industries are a major reason that its taken renewables a long time to gain traction in the US. They have a way of doing business that does them well and pays them well and may be afraid of some of renewables potential offer long-term energy at lower prices than coal or natural gas. But those fired plants can be built very close to where the power actually is needed. Most solar or wind farms must be placed in more rural areas where the transmission lines must built to where the power is needed, which is an added cost to building the power plants. 

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