What is the biggest problem with offshore wind turbines?



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    These off-shore wind turbines are 50-100 miles off-shore, so one of the problems is that there’s no way to anchor them into the sea-floor if the sea-floor is 300 meters down (as it is when you get that far off shore.)

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    Essentially cost of construction and maintenance are extremely high, and the problem of power transmission back to the shore is also somewhat troubling.

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    The biggest roadblock in countries such as the United States generally comes in the form of inconsistent permits. The projects utilizing wind power in the Great Lakes are 5-7 years behind the continental shelf in terms of permit processing.

    The jurisdictional problems require a great deal of testing. The testing of environmental impact; changes in sedimentation, oceanic life etc. Consultations with the Minerals Management Services’s formal record of decision, various coastal Indian tribes and Historic agencies are examples of some of the legal hoops that must be jumped through.

    Investors are still wary of new wind turbine technology emerging that would bankrupt current projects. Leasing conditions vary so much from location to location the progress has been slow in utilizing offshore wind potential.

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