What is the biggest predator in the ocean?



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    This title currently belongs to the sperm whale.  The sperm whale can grow to be 60 feet long and weighs up to 50 tons. An adult Sperm whale can eat about a ton of food each day. Their diet includes giant squid, octopus, megamouth shark, skate and  various types of fish.


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    The largest carnivorous predator in the ocean is the Great White shark. Initially, they start out feeding on fish, rays, and other sharks, but as they grow, these animals switch to feeding on marine mammals and scavenging on large animal carcasses. These gigantic sharks are about 20 feet or 6 meters long in length. The largest found was about 23 feet long.

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    The largest predator in the ocean that is a carnivore is the sperm whale.  It has the biggest teeth of all whales, and can grow up to 60ft. in length.  They weigh about 40 tons and can live up to 70 years.  Sperm whales have been known to eat giant squids along with other marine life such as large fish and octopuses. They can eat over a ton of food every day, and can dive to 3,000 ft. depths in search of their next meal.  

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