What is the biggest person in the world?



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    I believe Sultan Kosen is currently the largest (tallest) living person determined by Guinness World Records. He has held the record since 2009. He is from Turkey and stands at 8 feet 3 inches.

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    The heaviest man in the world is Manuel Uribe Garz at 1,257 pounds. The tallest man in the world was Robert Pershing Wadlow at 2.72 meters.

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    The tallest person ever documented was Robert Pershing Wadlow who was 8’11” but he died in 1940. The tallest living person is Leonid Stadnyk, who is 8’5″. However, his height has not been confirmed by the Guinness World Records. Sultan Kosen is currently the tallest person confirmed by the Guinness World Records, as prenda11 previously stated and measures to 8’3″.

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