What is the biggest organic beauty product company?



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    This is a problematic question because the USDA does not currently have to approve body care products which label themselves as “all natural”, “organic”, or “contains all natural ingredients.” In fact, there are numerous carcinogens and chemicals like lead in many of the body products sold today because they simply aren’t monitored the way food is monitored. Thus, the word “organic” on a cosmetic brand does not have the same meaning as “organic” on a food product and companies will label their brands organic even if they are not. There is an ongoing Campaign for Safe Cosmetics today with Whole Foods as a major player in the struggle to make body products USDA approved. Here is a video which outlines the issue in depth:

    If you cannot see the video, here is a link to follow to YouTube:


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    Great answer! I’ve never seen the above video and I’m going to share it with my friends and family! It is quite hard to define who is the greatest organic beauty company. Truly organic companies have the USDA certified organic seal. Even Burt’s Bees doesn’t have the USDA organic seal. So many companies are “greenwashing” and designing their products to appear eco-friendly and organic. Take for example, Ivory Body Wash. One red flag -it’s made by Proctor and Gamble. It’s design and word choices appear like it’s an all-natural product – but guess what? It’s not. It conaints sodium lauryl sulfate! Terraessentials has some highly reviewed beauty products, and they are certified organic (not the brand, some products).

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