What is the biggest obstacle to the wide scale production of electric cars?



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    Oil companies. They hold a ridiculous amount of sway over a great many of the decision makers in Washington. They have a lot of money, with their money has come a good deal of power – through lobbying efforts – as well as the ability to protect itself from any misgivings that might otherwise trouble some individuals or smaller business’. There are many contributing factors to the slow growth in production of these cars. But I really have to contribute the largest part of it to the energy companies that currently rule the landscape. They’ve destroyed public transit systems – the trolley – because they did not run on gas and they’ve also been known to buy a technology or two in the market just to shelf it. So compared to the blame consumers must face for their relative lack of knowledge and interest and the car manufacturers refusal to really push the cars (though they did make them a long time ago) most of the blame must be put on the oil industry as it has gone out of its way to stop or slow progress as best it can, by any means it can.

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