What is the biggest mistake that companies make trying to go green?



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    Coming from a strictly non-business perspective, I can say what I think is the biggest mistake that companies make, and that’s not knowing what “green” really means. In my opinion, the best way a company can go green is not by replacing all the technologies and items used with ‘green’ commodities, but by focusing on serving the interests of the local community with as little resource expenditure as possible. This will cut down on transit, manufacturing pollution, and other environmentally-unfriendly things while managing to promote a small-scale economy, an environmentally-sound practice indeed!

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    The biggest, and most costly mistake a company can make is false advertising. While they may benefit from the trend in the short term, dishonesty in the long run can be detrimental.  For example, there is a water treatment company that promotes “going green” because their method of treatment needs less resources for heating.  This is commendable, however they still use tremendous amounts of bleach which is very un-ecofriendly.  As consumers grow more educated on what green really means, companies can’t afford the mistake of false advertising.

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