what is the biggest landfill in California?



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    Good question, roach.  The biggest landfill in California (in terms of tonnage received) is called Puente Hills and is located in Whittier.  In 2007, it received 3,756,718 tons of waste!  As well as being a landfill, Puente Hills is a recycling facility, the biggest in the US.

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    Hey, the above answer is right.  The reason why that landfill is so big is because it sits right outside of Los Angeles.   However, I have also discovered some good landfill news (if you can believe it).  California is also home to a revolutionary new style of landfill.  A new landfill has been opened in Livermore, California where the gas released from the decomposing garbage is harnessed and turned into fuel. This fuel is used to power the busses in metro areas (some examples is the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, Culver City bus line, and even some of the LA metro fleet).  Below is a map to show you where Livermore is.

    [img_assist|nid=135051|title=livermore|desc=Livermore, California |link=none|align=center|width=100|height=58]

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